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We can access >95% of the decision makers you seek

Marketing & Lead Generation

We can build you a 24/7 business lead generating system

Cross Border Investment, M&A

We have the insights and connections to uncover opportunities

Market Analysis

Talk to us before someone else steals away your profits or your company

Market Entry Planning

We have the insights and connections to uncover opportunities

Portfolio Selection & Optimisation

We can help you build and optimise a portfolio to meet your corporate goals

“Asa and his team have been a fantastic resource for our company to determine and formalize our ex-US growth strategy. With a wealth of contacts he is able to gather competitive intelligence and help formalize a growth plan with a very keen and accurate sense of the market. A great asset to work both strategically and operationally. Would definately work with them again.”
– Senior Vice President Business Development & Licensing at Eagle Pharmaceuticals


“We have been very happy with Generic Pharma 2.0’s work.
They’re professional, efficient and get done what they say they will get done.
– Brandon Marz, CEO Marz Sprays (USA)”


Quick introductory chat to discuss your business needs. We have a great breadth and depth of experience, so we are comfortable talking about most topics.

Major projects like 'How do we grow?' to operational tasks like technical project management for transfer of production.
We'll let you know quickly if we can help.

Based on our understanding of your business strategy, capabilities and resources, we present top level ideas and options for solutions.
This could take the form of a presentation or more frequently we aim for a discussion around bullet points on an email.

Next top is a brainstorm discussion on which path is best to take, plotting ‘quick wins’ and tactical objectives. We understand that you have multiple stakeholders to win-over with your project; we work with you to identify roadblocks and opportunities to rapidly get support and momentum.

Based on an agree set of tasks, we will produce a formal Scope of Work for the project. This will outline the objectives, timelines, resources and costs.
This document should be suitable for internal distribution and sign off.

Project delivery. Success. Growth. Smiles all round!.

We take on projects lasting one week for one product and annual retainers for company wide activities.
Feel free to ask for more info or take the first step now.


Miguel Coronado
Senior Consultant
Asa Cox
Founder & Chief Pharmagineer
Joe Kavangh
Global Business Development
Kathryn Zander
Global Marketing Services

“Generic Pharma 2.0 have been an extremely valuable partner with the building of our business. Their experience in the generic business and wealth of connections have helped us at every step.
– David Guy, CEO Resolute Oncology (USA)”


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