We are Generic Pharma 2.0

Generic Pharma 2.0 has always been about growth.

We’ve always tried to develop services that help our clients and our partners access new opportunities, new ideas and new revenue streams. We’re a company focused on people; connecting and engaging with pharma decision makers from every corner of our global industry.

We are not a big organisation, but we try to do big things. We try to do things a little different; sometimes they work, sometimes we’re  ahead of the curve or the industry tells us to work on something else.

We believe that by creating an active network of commercial teams we’ll always find new ways to generate value for our client and ourselves. From our first venture with genericlicensing.com to our latest talent acquisition project; we try to push the boundaries a little; but always with the aim of contributing a little more to the industry.

We’re often accused of trying to do too much, but we operate in the hope that by sharing new ideas we might help our industry evolve and progress into Generic Pharma 2.0 – the industry of tomorrow will be nothing like it is today, we want to be part of it and we want to help our clients thrive in it.

Our History

Our Industry Services


We can access >95% of the decision makers you seek

Marketing & Lead Generation

We can build you a 24/7 business lead generating system

Cross Border Investment, M&A

We have the insights and connections to uncover opportunities

Market Analysis

Talk to us before someone else steals away your profits or your company

Market Entry Planning

No matter how big your company, entering new markets is a key growth driver

Portfolio Selection & Optimisation

We can help you build and optimise a portfolio to meet your corporate goals

Management Team

Miguel Coronado
Senior Consultant
Asa Cox
Founder & Chief Pharmagineer
Joe Kavangh
Global Business Development
Kathryn Zander
Global Marketing Services

Our Consultants