Cross Border Investment
Mergers & Acquisitions

Why consider inorganic growth?

  • Acquire customers, build scale, add revenue
  • Obtain intellectual property or products
  • Manufacturing infrastructure
  • Skilled human capital

M&A activity is no longer just for the big companies. Many mid-size players are considering how to move up to the next level; to compete, differentiate and build value.

As opportunities to buy product assets becoming harder to find, the demand for corporate acquisitions increase. Uncovering value in an organisation is now the key.

Where are deals being done?

  • Deals involving US companies still lead the way, but valuations are now very challenging
  • Japanese firms have made recent moves, the largest Indian firms are also still active
  • Major regional players have flexed their financial muscles to strengthen barriers to entry
  • China’s pulic pharma companies have $billions in war chests, few have concluded deals so far


Deal Strategy

Our internal team has sufficient industry knowledge to help craft a comprehensive M&A strategy.

We also have collaborate with the very best country experts to build out a market driven rationale.

Our vision for the future will challenge you to consider the assets, resources and people you need to thrive.

How do we help?


Start work on tomorrow!


Deal Options

We are fortunate that new companies connect with us every day via our digital activities; our global database has more than 20,000 strong.

Once the deal criteria have been agreed, we dive into our network to pull out opportunities to match.

We apply our inside knowledge of these companies and their management teams to both filter prospects and provide you with an edge.

Due Diligence

We are well experienced at analysing complex scenarios where value needs to be established:

Deal Advice

We know that most major deals will involve an investment bank, we’re fine with that.

Our subject matter experts liaise with the deal leads to ensure all relevant information is available for you to make the right decision.

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Mandate Examples

Key Diligence
Multi product technical diligence covering niche manufacturing technologies, claimed uniqueness and generic defence strength. GP20 uncovered market intelligence on generic competitors that helped revalue the acquisition and stimulate deeper portfolio analysis.

Biosimilar Partners
European Pre-clinical stage biosimilar company sought strategic venture partner for manufacturing and commercialisation. Within 2 weeks GP20 had arranged multiple highly qualified leads for negotiations to start.

Half $Billion Deals
Global generic injectable leader sought to rapidly enter into new territories and also acquire new manufacturing technologies with deals valued up to $500m. GP20 evaluated over 300 companies, prioritising with insights and strategic intelligence that produced a highly qualified prospect pipeline.