Market Entry Planning

International Growth

No matter how big your company, entering new markets is a key growth driver.

The challenge is deciding:

WHAT Model

WHAT Products

WHAT Resources

These are all vital questions with significant impact on the probability and profitability of success. Guessing or presuming is a sure path to disaster, asking us about the horror stories we’ve heard.

Thankfully our team of local market experts are able to provide unique insights and priceless operational
advice through a project:


  • Validation of IMS (or similar) data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market penetration expectations
  • Sales forecasts
  • Regulatory and legal requirements
  • Probability of success


  • SWOT analysis of market entry strategies
  • Infrastucture and know-how requirements e.g supply chain, marketing, finance
  • Investment budgeting
  • Timelines


  • Business case validation with local contacts
  • Engage potential clients and partners
  • Set up face-to-face meetings with leading prospects
  • Support negotiations and relationship building


  • Business set up e.g lawyers, accountants, office space
  • Recruitment of key operational team
  • Marketing launch to build trade relationships
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Why outsource this work?

We have worked hard to pull together a team of country experts that will ensure your entry into their market is both analysed and executed in the best possible way.

Our consultants know all about:

  • The competitive landscape
  • Legal and regulatory processes
  • Financial and operational requirements
  • Time and investment to success

Talk to us about getting accurate planning analysis in the time frame you want it.


Market Entry Proposal

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