Portfolio Selection & Optimisation

Custom Strategy

Team Alignment

Market Tactics


Portfolio Building

We collect industry data from our proprietary database, websites and connections, to help you build a successful portfolio.

Whilst it might sound obvious, there are many different influences and considerations in selecting the right products:

  • Portfolio strategy: Full, Profit, Focused, Manufacturing
  • Company objectives: Manufacturing utilisation, Market share, Profit
  • International market requirements: Localisation, Competition, Presentation
  • Patent expiration: Timing of entry, Cost of entry, Level of Competition
  • Brand plans & tactics: Authorised generic, Commercial policies, Marketing & PR

Portfolio Workshop

We can deliver this to your team anywhere in the word


Portfolio Optimisation

We believe that planning and decision making must be aligned and integrated with all divisions involved in portfolio development. We can help you create a living framework that enables stakeholders to communicate efficiently at all stages of portfolio processing.

Are innovation and continuous improvement at the core of your company?

Whether you are planning the development of high quality generics, biosimilars or new molecular entities into new markets, achieving operational excellence is a key factor to succeed in the long run.

We have a process to help companies of all sizes to construct a portfolio vision and execution plan. We help pull together the needs of R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing and Finance to optimize a portfolio that maximizes value.


Portfolio Consulting

See all the consulting work we do, including portfolio optimisation


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We have put together a six part series focused on portfolio strategy. This series was written as an overview for companies who are considering their regional or international growth plans or who are looking to maximize results from their existing portfolio.

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We believe

  • The company strategy must drive the portfolio
  • Horizontal integration in relation to the portfolio presents interesting upsides
  • In the benefits of implementing a dedicated cross-functional portfolio team
  • Establishing an integrated platform that monitors all divisions in your organisation closely

We can provide

  • Training on portfolio construction requirements
  • A portfolio selection process
  • Mediation of portfolio selection requirements across teams
  • Evaluation of portfolio options
  • Building of an optimised portfolio that meets your company objectives